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Thursday, June 29, 2006

From Birthdays to Bombers

Today was the first day this week I’ve spent my lunch break in front of the computer; I’m actually lamenting that fact. And due to a combination of really advanced planning and my obsessive need to know RIGHT NOW, I spent my lunch hour (or so) doing a cost-comparison of ways to celebrate Mia’s birthday. Specifically, ways to celebrate that involve a theme park and/or a water park. Maybe even a birthday “party” tacked on at the end. It’ll be a long weekend, to say the least. But, hey, you only turn four once, right? (Okay, maybe not if you’re CW . . . always striving for adolescence.)

I’ve been spending more time around my coworkers than I’d ideally like, and it’s really a shame I can’t write about them more. Because my office is quite the collection of interesting characters. Like our business/bookingkeeping/office manager/whatever-the-fuck who was a cheerleader at this high school; there is, likely quite literally, no subject that is sacred to her.

In the world beyond the walls of my office, we’re gearing up to celebrate our independence from a nation that, quite frankly, is probably glad to be rid of us. I’m actually gonna kick off the weekend by watching our former rulers whoop some Portuguese ass at the World Cup (or, else, I’ll be out five bucks).

shaken and poured by Scott-san on 06/29 at 04:02 PM
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Friday, June 23, 2006

Kamikaze Lunchbreak Book Review: The Historian

So, I just finished reading Elizabeth Kostova’s 600-some-odd-page tome, The Historian. Interesting story: This woman won an award for best novel-in-progress and then got a $2 million advance (after a bidding war) for her completed book.

The book itself is an interesting vampire tale. It had a very Da Vinci Code feel for me, but the writing is much better, pace a bit slower, characters easier to sympathize with, violence more there (not quite as much as Anne Rice, though), and actual touching. It’s a little hard to follow at times because it’s jumping around between at least three distinct time periods (really, more like five).

Here’s a somewhat-brutal (but well-argued) review.

shaken and poured by Scott-san on 06/23 at 01:09 PM
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I Actually Had a Dream Wherein I Played Soccer Recently

I hadn’t meant to not post anything for more than a week. I’ve even been telling myself, “Post more, not less, post more, not less . . .” It’s not working, apparently.

Besides my regular job, keeping up with the World Cup for my secondary job (as a bookie), working on my freelance job, celebrating fatherhood (and winning some money at poker while doing it), and trying to figure out exactly what the Christ is going on over in Deadwood . . . I, perhaps understandably, haven’t had time for much else. Not that I want to whine about it.

But allow me to further isolate whatever readership I still have by whining about the World Cup. Am I the only one who isn’t happy about the U.S. team tying the Italian team? Sure, we were screwed over by the ref, and maybe we were lucky to avoid allowing another goal (and, yet, lucky to get the goal we did [thanks, Italian defender-dude]), but we scored a (disallowed) goal with nine men. Why did we back off and spend the last 15 minutes of the match in our own half? Why did Bruce Arena sit on the final substitution that he could’ve used to insert Eddie Johnson into the game?

Because we’re happy with a tie, that’s why.* We’re happy needing to win and then STILL needing help from another team, just to advance (and face Brazil).

How about if we had won that game and then went on to beat Ghana, we’d control our own destiny . . . and possibly win the group altogether (and, thus, avoid having to play Brazil right away).

I love the can-do spirit of Americans in international competition, don’t you? What happened to “playing to win?”

In other news, this prison is very close to our house and I drive by it on my way to work. To think, had I left 15 or 20 minutes early and gone the normal route to work, I could’ve seen a SHOOTOUT!

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shaken and poured by Scott-san on 06/21 at 12:06 PM
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Rock You like a Hurr-- . . . Nevermind

As I type this, I’m at work and the center of Tropical Storm Alberto (not Albert-o, but AlBAIRto) is passing over Cedar Key, Florida. Almost every county surrounding ours closed the schools for the day, but not ours. Which works out nicely as Michelle and I both have to work as long as there’s power in our offices and the Governor hasn’t declared a mandatory evacuation. Which won’t happen when you’re 60 feet above sea level and 20 miles inland. So, yeah, we’ve been getting quite a bit of rain. And some gentle, you’re-forgetting-it’s-summer-aren’t-you?-type breezes. Breezes that occasionally gust up to near gale force. But, y’know, whatever.

shaken and poured by Scott-san on 06/13 at 04:08 PM
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Friday, June 09, 2006

Bring Yo Dick-Suckin’ Friends*

I’ve been very busy at work, as I think I’ve mentioned. And, almost like a real editor, I have my first-ever freelance job. So, I bet it’s not too hard to guess how I spent my lunch hour. That’s right, I went out and got a slice of pizza as big as my motherfuckin’ head and then I typed a shitload of people’s picks into my World Cup pool spreadsheet.

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shaken and poured by Scott-san on 06/09 at 11:14 AM
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What I’ve Been Doing for the Past Week (Or, a Really Long Post About Nothing)

I really hadn’t meant to be gone for so very long. And by “gone,” of course I mean not being an Internet slave / attention-whore. I really was busy, I promise. Still am quite busy, actually. What, you don’t believe me? Rock on:

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shaken and poured by Scott-san on 06/06 at 08:29 PM
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There's no "I" in threesome.


I can't remember whether I've seen anything new since my birthday. Oh, right, that one.


I was hoping for a little more detail in the accounts of mauling-by-zombie. But the anecdotes were disturbing, nonetheless..


I don't have a solid grasp on which exact cheap beers I had at the ATL watering holes.