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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Aaaaaaaand NOW that Joke is Old

Do you ever step into an elevator and, for a split second, fear that you’re going to drop something through the space between the elevator and the landing? I think about that each and every time . . . usually fearing for my keys, which are usually safe in my pocket. Anyway, Thanksgiving weekend kicked off with me stepping off the elevator at my sister-in-law’s and dropping a stack of seven CDs (falling from a secured bag, no less) right on and in line with the opening between the elevator and the landing. So now I have six CDs. Sorry, Fiona Apple.*

The rest of our Thanksgiving trip was less eventful and much more-better. I finally got a guided tour of East Atlanta / Duluth Decatur (“is greater”). It’s always nice and relaxing to get away from Tallahassee.

In other news, I’m gonna sidestep into Political Land and relate my latest nugget of Pre-Election Year water-cooler wisdom: If polls hold any ounce truth, we’re going to be choosing between a woman who can’t win and a guy no-one wants to win.

Democrats: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory ’08!

You’d think I’d have a blog for this kind of crap, right? Where did I put that thing?

* no, I’m not gay . . . for the thousandth time

shaken and poured by Scott-san on 11/27 at 01:39 PM
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Never Do This, and I’ve Never Done THAT

I know I really don’t do politics very often (*coughcough*), but I gotta say I was blown away by yesterday’s late news that Bush had pardoned (ooops, commuted the 30-month prison sentence for) Scooter Libby. My initial reaction was surprise that Bush’s statement was two pages long . . . rather than just two words (“Fuck” and “You”). His approval rating is hovering below 30% now. Guess to whom he’s governing? That’s right, the same sub-30% crowd.

In other news, this application process to get Mia into kindergarten is quite . . . involved. Birth certificate, social security card, shot records, physical form, two proofs of address, DNA sample, Purity Test results, and multiple application forms. Okay, so a couple of those things are optional. But, yeah, as we were gathering the materials to submit, I realized that we had never gotten Mia’s birth certificate.

I had a sneaking suspicion a while back that this might be the case. One day, for whatever reason, I’d been half-searching for it and found some half-letter-sized, blue carbon of Mia’s birth information and some vague instructions about obtaining additional copies of the certificate. Was THAT the birth certificate? (No.) The last time I saw it was at my office, and I’ve yet to see it since switching offices. I did another search at home for the same blue paper, but I couldn’t find it. However, I DID find some social-security instructions that mentioned not being able to get a card until we name our child (which we did right at the get-go . . . and we got the social security card [which I managed NOT to lose]). But on the second page of the social-security instructions, there was a paragraph that said our birth certificate would not AUTOMATICALLY be provided. See, I don’t understand that. You figure with all the pointless forms and pamphlets and copies of pointless forms, you’d get a birth certificate from the hospital. I even found some keepsake thing with Mia’s foot prints and lots of blanks for us to fill out her birth info.

This is all why I didn’t post about Scooter Libby earlier (timelier). Because I had to drive across town to the County Health Department to get Mia’s birth certificate. The OFFICIAL one. And, finally, Thursday, we can turn in her kindergarten application.

Right after she finishes taking the Purity Test.

shaken and poured by Scott-san on 07/03 at 01:22 PM
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Told You So!

Yeah, this marks a week since that last post. Or, last two posts. I’ve been trying to mentally counterbalance my motivation against my “hope” to post every day against my fear of posting trivial bullshit that I’m not even interested in reading. So . . . it’s a Mexican Standoff of mental counterbalancing.

Anyway, the past several days, I’ve run into things I could have made a short post about, but didn’t. You know what that means: The Bulleted List of Belated Reflection® (with bonus Fun Footnotes)!

shaken and poured by Scott-san on 12/06 at 04:56 PM
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There's no "I" in threesome.


I can't remember whether I've seen anything new since my birthday. Oh, right, that one.


I was hoping for a little more detail in the accounts of mauling-by-zombie. But the anecdotes were disturbing, nonetheless..


I don't have a solid grasp on which exact cheap beers I had at the ATL watering holes.