“Confluence of Coincidence"*

This is officially my last night of training before Atlanta next weekend. Michelle’s playing out of town tonight this morning, and I opted to stay in town. I was at a loss for what to do, but I settled on trivia, which Michelle seems to have lost the passion for. Originally, I was just gonna meet Mr. ADD there, but then Mr. Glory Hole (and others) came through. We stayed there through some turgid and tortuous NASCAR trivia-related interrogation, and then played a few games for non-retard trivia. After a few games of trivia pitchers of beer, we were off to Waterworks (Tallahassee’s uber-hipster watering hole). Lowlights?

-- This is the rule I follow when I go into the bathroom: Always piss in the lowest urinal. Like, the KIDS’ urinal. Unless there’s someone pissing in the next stall. 

-- A lot of people were present at the sports bar to watch the Miami Heat battle the Chicago Bulls. Including the two African-American ladies who were making fun of the ultra-white boys pretend-high-fiving for their trivia “prowess.”

-- From the moment Prof. Tom pointed out the girl sitting behind me with HUGE knockers, Mr. Glory Hole / RLP was gesturing to her obscenely. With tongue.

-- Michelle requested that I text message her while we were apart today / tonight / this morning. Many of her replies were “Oh, dear,” in relation to my text messages about Mr. Glory Hole.

-- Mr. Glory Hole was constantly singing lines from “My Humps” during his trivia triumph (yes, the MOST DRUNK person in the bar was WINNING the trivia). He also stopped in front of the African-American ladies on the way out to seranade them with the chorus of “Waterfalls.”

-- I resisted the temptation to piss in a beer bottle that someone had left on one of the urinals at the sports bar.

-- Mr. Glory Hole asked our waitress to dance at the uber-hipster watering hole. When she declined, he offered her money.

-- Mr. Glory Hole is my hero.

* This was a quote from Mr. Glory Hole while trying to convince me to meet up with him and his friends after he’d been drinking for six hours. By the time I left him, he’d been drinking for over 12 hours.

Posted by Scott-san on 04/22 at 11:45 PM
  1. oh, dear.

    Posted by  on  04/23  at  10:33 AM
  2. I second that.  Sounds like one wild weekend…

    Posted by teahouseblssom  on  04/24  at  08:07 AM
  3. Dude, you better bring it like that to the ATL.  That is all I’m saying.  That sounds like one hell of a good time.

    Next time, though, piss in the bottle.

    Posted by styro  on  04/25  at  03:32 PM
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