When it comes to summarizing an entertaining and/or eventful night, one should probably sit down to blog that shit when one’s still drunk. That’s why this blog is so boring. Even to me. I’m never capturing the moment. Unless I’m in the moment. Which I almost never am.

So, Michelle was gone for most of the weekend. And it really is purely coincidental that I spent a lot of the weekend making discoveries and assessments about my life. You were warned:

Posted by Scott-san on 05/23 at 03:17 PM
  1. "Adult recreation soccer” sounds curiously naughty to me, for some reason…

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  05/23  at  07:21 PM
  2. recreating is awfully close to procreating, says the guy whose alum used to have naked soccer games.  those weren’t so much a sexual thing as a whole bunch of drunks let loose on a field, though.

    Posted by matt  on  05/24  at  08:14 AM
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