Day Off (Death of Me)

I’m not at work today. I had the grand idea a week or so ago that I’d take off and get some stuff done . . . maybe relax a little. But remember how the past couple weekends have been fairly tranquil and activity-free? Well, this weekend is BOOKED SOLID. Seriously, our schedule this weekend will be to relaxing what first-time prison sex is to making sweet, sweet love in a flowery garden. In Paris. On your birthday.

In just over an hour, Michelle and the Girls are leaving for Miami where they will be playing a show. At 1 o’clock in the morning (tomorrow). A few hours earlier, my band will be taking the stage here in town at a hastily arranged art-exhibit show on campus (FSU). Tomorrow morning, just hours after leaving the stage, the Girls will depart Miami to come home. HOPEfully, they’ll make it back by the time we have to load in for our NEXT show . . . even MORE hastily arranged. (I’m not kidding that a week ago, we didn’t have a show until April 12 and then we completely tripped and fell into two back-to-back shows in one weekend. Christ’s wounds.

And then we’re taking Mia to see Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer (DORA!) Sunday afternoon. We hope to have a little downtime on Sunday. Much-needed downtime. Because Monday, the Girls will be opening for The Fixx.

So, to summarize: Four shows in four days, bilingual explorers, happy toddler, sleep-deprivation, road drama, binge-drinking. The End.

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