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I’ve been told by two of the people who see me the most that I sigh a lot. And if I’m completely honest with myself, I’d say that I do it a whole lot. Emphatically and loudly. With eye-rolling.

It’s Friday and this is the first lunch break I’ve had this week wherein I didn’t have to run an “errand,” so I’m eating at my desk. Which I enjoy for its solitude, and lack of necessary energy to leave the office. Most of my “errands” this week, however, have been somewhat related to me forgetting to bring my lunch to work. There’s irony in there somewhere, right? I’ve finished eating, I’m listening to the latest Arab Strap CD, and I’m desperately slamming out a long-overdue, mildly interesting, stream-of-consciousness post.*

So, I’ve been eating lunch at home (20 to 25 minutes roundtrip from work) this week, or at my mom’s. And I’ve been catching up on those DVR’d season/series finales. So far, West Wing had a nice poetic, full-circle feeling. Invasion, too, considering it might not be coming back. We had a DVR-related conflict Monday night because of President Dumbass’ address regarding his bowing to the GOP’s immigratred (you like that, don’t you?). I’d planned to DVR the finale of How I Met Your Mother, but noticed that CBS didn’t have time blocked off for the speech, so I called Michelle (later, on my way to band practice) to have her set up that show and the following hour of programming so I’d be sure to get it . . . whenever it started and ended. Well, looking at the queue later, Michelle saw that How I Met Your Mother was in there, and figured it was fine, so she deleted Two and a Half Men. As a result, I only saw the first 10 minutes of the HIMYM finale. Can anyone tell me what happened?**

Oh, and I stuck to my guns and did NOT watch the Grey’s Anatomy finale.

Michelle’s leaving very soon (as of me typing these words), and she’ll be gone until Sunday. Those Girls are getting so popular . . . in the Southeast, anyway. Anyway, I’d been trying to plan my weekend. Of course, I’ll be shepherding Mia to all the visits and playdates we have lined up. I’d figured Michelle’s parents would be keeping Mia and her cousin one night this weekend. Tonight, Pretty Girls Make Graves are playing here and I was half-interested in seeing them. The venue had been advertising Giant Sand was opening. But just the morning, I read that it was Giant DRAG. And I’m pissed. Because that would’ve made a difference when planning the weekend. But it’s okay, as I think I’m going to support my friend while he spins retro music at Tallahassee’s Premier Elitist Hipster Snob Bar tomorrow night instead. That’s where I’ll “end up,” anyway.

This evening, I’m taking Mia to meet Uncle Glory Hole for some bar food and trivia that will surely keep Mia out past her bedtime. In the morning: The Woodvillians!

* It turns out that the answer to the question, “Can I write a blog post in 27 minutes?” is “No.”

** Yes, I realize I’m a gaybo. Oh, and I Googled and found some details from that missed finale. Note to CBS: You might wanna consider rerunning that motherfucker, motherfuckers!

Posted by Scott-san on 05/19 at 03:30 PM
  1. First, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that I’m watching less TV than ever before. However, once I admit that the few shows I do watch have disappointed me to the point of mild depression, uhm, people generally stop giving me credit for beating my tv addiction. Whatever man. Anyway. The Lily and Marshall breakup was one of those moments. They’re so cute together! Blah. I know they’ll get them back together but still. You know what I liked most about that episode though? Because I’m a super dork ... the Angel reunion ... Fred, Wesley and Willow in the same episode? Awesome!

    Grey’s blew and so not in the good way. You didn’t miss a damn thing. As my sister so nicely put it, “I wish they’d stop trying to make like having an affair is cool.”

    Posted by  on  05/19  at  04:51 PM
  2. Hey, you’re married to a rock star!  How does it feel?

    I think Pretty Girls Make Graves is a very excellent name for a band.

    I’ve seen one episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  And it annoyed me so much I resolved never to watch the show again.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  05/20  at  03:47 PM
  3. Love this new site.  I didn’t know you had a chest tattoo…

    Posted by melman  on  05/23  at  10:13 AM
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