Oh, the Irony! Siriusly.

So I was driving to work today, listening to the adult-contemporary station. (I had Mia with me.) The DJs/announcers/radio personalities were playing a clip of Mariah Carey’s acceptance speech from some awards show or other, and Mariah was prattling on about growing up wanting to hear her records on the radio and how she was “addicted” to the radio. (Ms. Carey has quite the addictive personality, doesn’t she?) Anyway, the male announcer was all, “You notice she didn’t mention subscription radio. No Sirius. No XM. Just your normal, terra-based radio. You can get it anywhere---in your basement, your car, your office . . . for free.”

And then they went into a commercial break.

Posted by Scott-san on 12/20 at 08:23 AM
  1. hee. that’s funny. the infinity radio station here in DC has changed their name to FreeFM, which is just all shades of silly i think.

    Posted by patricia  on  12/20  at  08:49 AM
  2. BUT IT IS FREE!  If only you view their product placement advertisments.  LE SIGH.

    Posted by styro  on  03/14  at  09:36 AM
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