I Actually Had a Dream Wherein I Played Soccer Recently

I hadn’t meant to not post anything for more than a week. I’ve even been telling myself, “Post more, not less, post more, not less . . .” It’s not working, apparently.

Besides my regular job, keeping up with the World Cup for my secondary job (as a bookie), working on my freelance job, celebrating fatherhood (and winning some money at poker while doing it), and trying to figure out exactly what the Christ is going on over in Deadwood . . . I, perhaps understandably, haven’t had time for much else. Not that I want to whine about it.

But allow me to further isolate whatever readership I still have by whining about the World Cup. Am I the only one who isn’t happy about the U.S. team tying the Italian team? Sure, we were screwed over by the ref, and maybe we were lucky to avoid allowing another goal (and, yet, lucky to get the goal we did [thanks, Italian defender-dude]), but we scored a (disallowed) goal with nine men. Why did we back off and spend the last 15 minutes of the match in our own half? Why did Bruce Arena sit on the final substitution that he could’ve used to insert Eddie Johnson into the game?

Because we’re happy with a tie, that’s why.* We’re happy needing to win and then STILL needing help from another team, just to advance (and face Brazil).

How about if we had won that game and then went on to beat Ghana, we’d control our own destiny . . . and possibly win the group altogether (and, thus, avoid having to play Brazil right away).

I love the can-do spirit of Americans in international competition, don’t you? What happened to “playing to win?”

In other news, this prison is very close to our house and I drive by it on my way to work. To think, had I left 15 or 20 minutes early and gone the normal route to work, I could’ve seen a SHOOTOUT!

* Being a FSU Seminole football fan, I’m used to this lately. I seriously get this feeling when it’s in the fourth quarter, we’re up by 3 points, and we have first and 10 from our opponents’ 35-yard line. And Bowden (one of them) decides to run the ball up the middle for three straight plays to set up a field goal. See, you think we’re preserving the win, right? But after we MISS the field goal, Mickey Andrews installs the “prevent” defense, and our opponents march down the field with lots of passes underneath and score the go-ahead touchdown.

Posted by Scott-san on 06/21 at 12:06 PM
  1. There are only so many ways to say this:

    Soccer. Sucks.

    Posted by cw  on  06/21  at  03:39 PM
  2. So Leslie is rooting for Brazil, her first love. US too of course but because I’m a loser and clearly not Hispanic (I’m nothing but lies), I haven’t gotten all into the games and haven’t picked a team. I think my family is currently working on disowning me but I can’t be sure. Anyway. It turns out my dad has been a fan of Brazil since 1962 so, uhm, I think that pretty much decides it all for me. This makes me feel a little bad that I was rooting for Australia to beat Brazil. Ah well. Nothing to be done about that now.

    Posted by  on  06/21  at  11:13 PM
  3. I agree—US Soccer needs to grow a pair.

    Posted by matt  on  06/22  at  07:00 AM
  4. i haven’t had much chance to watch the game lately, but after seeing yesterday’s match i can not believe how passive they were out there.

    uh guys? you like need to try to *shoot* some. cuz, you know… you’re nearing elimination here. how about a little desperation out there, hmm?


    Posted by  on  06/23  at  09:13 AM
  5. I didn’t see that game, but I did watch the last half of the Ghana game, and Holy Pete were we outclassed.

    Posted by rob  on  06/26  at  09:04 AM
  6. Fuck CW, world cup rules.

    Posted by styro  on  06/29  at  12:49 PM
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