It’s Been Too, Too Long

I don’t really have an excuse for all the slackitude here at Kamikaze Lunchmeat. Things at work have shifted from Maximum Overdrive to a more normal, maintainable pace. There’s been a lot of downtime at home, too, as our bands had shows combined with light practice schedules this past week. And I have a renewed sense of purpose and optimism . . . relatively, anyway.

So, yeah, Tuesday nights have never proved to be a boon for our band. When we signed on to open for an up-and-coming local goth band’s CD-release show last week, there wasn’t a wellspring of enthusiasm. But it turned out really great. Even if I did knock over one of their guitars while setting up (no harm, no foul, right?). There was a healthy crowd, bolstered by people to see the three very different-sounding performances (the first act was a solo-acoustic friend of the band).

Speaking of music, my life has been a little bit taken over by Mew. I think I’d heard of them when their previous CD came out, but I’d forgotten them until I read the review on Pitchfork for their new one. Sounded like a nice find (frankly rare on Pitchfork), so I went looking for some MP3s and stumbled onto their MySpace page. Where, for the first time ever, I listened to every second of every song available and found myself swinging by Vinyl Fever on my way to pick up equipment for the show Tuesday night. In short, this band is amazing. I figured after Interpol and Metric, I’d never be this excited about discovering another band again.

In other news:

Posted by Scott-san on 08/14 at 12:13 PM
  1. I KNOW! Next week is going to be off the chain.  Things do NOT look good for Mr. Ellsworth. I need to rewatch it, though, to figure out what was going on with Bullock at the end and also to try to make some semblance of fucking SENSE out of Jane’s screaming dream monologue there at the end.

    Posted by Erin  on  08/14  at  08:20 PM
  2. Jane’s afraid she might be a lesbian. Seth went more than a couple days without poontang.  You’re welcome.

    Posted by Scott-san  on  08/15  at  07:43 AM
  3. STOP with the DW3 spoilers.  I just finished season 2 and without buttons of cable and a TIVO, I’m missing all the good shows on all the good channels.  SO JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!  Cocksucka!!!

    Also, Jane’s been a dyke since day 1.  This is a surprise to anyone?

    Posted by styro  on  08/15  at  10:19 AM
  4. The GWashington video is fantastic.  I’ve caught myself wishing bad things upon British children more than once today.

    Posted by s  on  08/15  at  03:15 PM
  5. Styro, I got an email notification that “someone had responded to my comment”, and when I read yours I didn’t know who it was so I was all, “Wow, that doesn’t sound like Erika.”

    Because she’s watching the dvds, too.


    Posted by Erin  on  08/15  at  08:53 PM
  6. riight.

    Posted by AmyChop  on  08/16  at  05:03 PM
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