A Plague on BOTH of the Other People in My House

If you’ve run into Michelle on Vox, she’s doing better. The special “neck gimp shit” that’s been beating her down is letting up . . . we think. Turns out that there’s an outbreak of that in Tallahassee right now. We found out because Mia had a rash over the weekend that the Internets revealed to be Fifth Disease (confirmed by the doctor this morning). The virus for that quite likely caused Michelle’s “neck gimp shit,” too. And it’s funny, because once you’re showing symptoms, you’re past the contagious phase. It incubates for weeks. This is adding a new and fun variable in our upcoming trips to Wild Adventures (for Mia’s birthday) and Atlanta, as we have no idea whether I’ll (also) succumb to this Plague.

So, y’know, understandably, this wasn’t the most eventful weekend on record. What, you need proof?

* The Girls were supposed to play a show in Atlanta, so I’d arranged the play poker while she was away. But with her Plague, she wasn’t away. I’d opted out of the LAST game with this group, on the understanding that I’d make the next one

Posted by Scott-san on 08/21 at 04:01 PM
  1. I believe that was the far more serious “scurvy, neck gimp shit” plague (complete with the I can’t type worth a damn-misplaced comma) that she is/was suffering from.

    Glad to know she’s better and not going to be killing her self.

    Posted by mark  on  08/21  at  10:17 PM
  2. THANK GOD you warned me.  Jesus christ.  It’s gonna be six years before that season’s out on DVD anyway.  And fuck the “long wait” for Veronica Mars Season 2 on DVD.  Fuck it right in its mouth-hole.

    Posted by styro  on  08/25  at  02:21 PM
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