Shifting Around the Leather

My marriage reached an important milestone this weekend: It was the first time we’ve thought about rearranging the living room, and actually purchased new furniture for the event, and then backed away from our plans. And THEN actually returned the furniture. I know, shocking.

Michelle has quite the reputation for rearranging the house and/or painting and redecorating. The current arrangement began a few summers ago when we refinanced our house and bought a set of (cheap) leather furniture (on Ebay)—a couch, a loveseat, a lounge, a chair, and an ottoman. Archie killed the chair (with his urine) last year. Because it was way more furniture than we needed in one sitting area, the lounge found a place in the corner and was almost entirely unused (even by Archie).

Recently, Mr. ADD mentioned in passing that we should rearrange our living room to have the T.V. in the corner (where the lounge was). And I started thinking about it. Then Michelle started thinking about it. Sunday, she picked up an entertainment center and, that night, we started planning the new set up. In the end, we decided to keep the entertainment center we have because, seriously, we’d need multiple units to replace it, and it’s in the only place it can be. But we did rearrange the sitting furniture to open up the room some more, and now the lounge is out where people can sit in it.

Because it’s September, I’ve dubbed it the “Football Chair.”

Posted by Scott-san on 09/13 at 03:24 PM
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