Day Four: Motivational

Y’see, I’d wanted to write about this thing that happened with my job, but we’re smarter than that (and, also, the situation came to an anticlimactic conclusion). And then I’d wanted to write about this book I finished reading skimming and how the whole thing seems like a self-congratulatory, calculated publicity stab (no, it wasn’t OJ’s new book about how things COULD have gone had he actually killed his estranged wife and her friend). And then I’d wanted to write about our going to Atlanta this weekend—how it’s not a Meetup, really, but we’ll get to see a handful of our bloggy friends for a few hours drinks (okay, LOTS of drinks). And THEN I felt like I should mention that I’m, inexplicably, LOSING to Patricia in our Steelers vs. Cowboys bet on which team would do better this season (two words, ‘Boys: Start Bledsoe). 

Mostly, though, I just felt I should write. Just write.

Posted by Scott-san on 11/15 at 10:29 PM
  1. that’s right, baby! the cowboys rule!
    except, for, you know, this weekend when they’re gonna eat astroturf on account of how the colts are gonna kick their collective asses.

    ugh. if i didn’t love football so much i’d totally hate it.

    also, keep it up! you can do it. i have faith in you. :D

    Posted by  on  11/15  at  11:29 PM
  2. patricia, you must be really riding high after the ‘boys taking down the dolts this weekend!

    Posted by  on  11/22  at  09:30 AM
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