I know Thanksgiving was almost a week ago. Nothing much to report: We ate the standard fare, and I fell asleep in front of a football game in between servings of pie . . . end of story.

However, rather than spend Black Friday in the stores or (God forbid!) in a fucking MALL, we went to the beach. Sure, it’s almost winter (even in Florida), but I’d argue that’s the best time to go to the beach. Seriously, it was breezy and cool in the waning afternoon . . . I don’t think I’ve spent a more pleasant couple hours on the sand. Mia was playing and looking for shells. It was great pretty good.

Yesterday, I officially finished off the leftovers from the weekend. Sunday I had a turkey-and-stuffing sandwich for lunch and leftover chicken from Thanksgiving night for dinner. Monday and yesterday, I brought lunchboxes to work . . . pizza boxes leftover from the beach. (I had to write “Scott’s lunch” on them, because unmarked pizza, cake, and/or pastries are usually fair game for pilferers.) Oh, and for dinner Monday, I had wings leftover from Saturday. We seem to have avoided any serious food-poisoning.

Posted by Scott-san on 11/29 at 10:01 AM
  1. Wow, I need to take leftover lessons from you.

    Posted by Erin  on  11/29  at  11:51 AM
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