I Told You So!

Yeah, this marks a week since that last post. Or, last two posts. I’ve been trying to mentally counterbalance my motivation against my “hope” to post every day against my fear of posting trivial bullshit that I’m not even interested in reading. So . . . it’s a Mexican Standoff of mental counterbalancing.

Anyway, the past several days, I’ve run into things I could have made a short post about, but didn’t. You know what that means: The Bulleted List of Belated Reflection® (with bonus Fun Footnotes)!

Posted by Scott-san on 12/06 at 04:56 PM
  1. musicians can be so temperamental; it sucks when a simple mood swing can ruin it for everybody. crazy artistes. hope you can find another outlet soon…

    in the meantime, enjoy those restaurants.

    Posted by s  on  12/06  at  05:31 PM
  2. This post, in retrospect, seems really bitter and angry.  I thought about taking it down (in piece or whole).

    S: Mood swings are fine. It’s how some people REACT to mood swings.  We weren’t a hippie outfit, so everything wasn’t about the “peace and love.”

    Posted by Scott-san  on  12/07  at  08:47 AM
  3. Wait, if you can’t have a super secret blog then why have one at all?

    Posted by starlet  on  12/08  at  04:22 PM
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