Just to be Clear: I’m Having Caffeinated Benzene for Lunch Today

Working in the environmental industry, I get to hear all kinds of fun facts about dangerous chemicals. My boss alerted me a couple days ago to an article in Consumer Reports about benzene forming in sodas exposed to light and/or heat. The sodas affected contain Vitamin C (ascorbic or erythorbic acid) and potassium/sodium benzoate. Think citrus sodas. Like the open Coca-Cola Vault I have sitting next to me right now.

Come, leukemia, come.

In other news, tonight is my office’s Holiday dinner/party. I can’t promise fireworks, but our office took the prudent step of hiring a limo for the evening. 

Posted by Scott-san on 12/15 at 12:36 PM
  1. Oh, how badly do I hope you stood up through the sunroof?

    Posted by Erin  on  12/16  at  10:25 PM
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