It’s Not a Party Without the Cheez-It Spray.

What else can I say except I’ll try harder next year, right? Let’s pretend it’s a resolution . . . of which I’m limiting myself to three.

Christmas wasn’t very notable. Our real joy would be pretty generic for you, the Internets. I’ve been to Target at least four times in the past week to spend gift cards; I still have over $100 left, which I’m going to save until they put out some “new” stuff, because the dregs ain’t so appealing.

And because it’s hard to do anything away from home for New Year’s with Mia, we’ve defaulted to becoming the “party place.” I’ve been cleaning most of my waking hours today. As I’ll be using one of my three resolutions to Maintain Cleanliness, I’m hoping the cleaning won’t go to waste. We’ll see. (If you’re keeping count, I have one resolution left. I think it’s reserved for poetry.) Anyway, there will be perhaps a dozen of our closest real-world friends here tonight. Wish us luck.

Hope your New Year starts out right, the Internets.

FSM bless.

Posted by Scott-san on 12/31 at 07:02 PM
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