The Secret Password is “Poop”

Last night, we watched Me and You and Everyone We Know. Michelle hadn’t planned on watching; she was reading magazines in the living room and just got sucked in. I was chuckling a lot at the unsettling amount of quirky hilarity. “Unsettling” in a good way. At first, it was hard to compartmentalize the movie . . . fit it into a specific part of my brain. I didn’t wholly get it. But now I can’t stop thinking about it. So, I went out at lunch and bought it with some of my hard-earned Target money.*

I think seeing that movie brought into sharp focus this strange, new Optimism I’ve stumbled into. I haven’t figured it out exactly, but maybe it’s similar to what Mr. Byrne has found. I dunno.

(SIDENOTE: I was struck with Miranda July and did some quick research to find that she’s a writer and performance artist . . . the kind of person I hated to watch at poetry readings I went to. But the concepts of optimism and connection she touches on in her movie are also present in an ongoing website she’s collaborating on. She also wrote the story the movie The Center of the World is based on. Which, um . . . erotica? Molly Parker? *brain overloads*)

Maybe this is why, during the fog that was 2006, I had Victory at Sea’s Memories Fade on high rotation. Mona Elliot and company are not reliable sherpas for guiding you through the Darkness of Life, but I find that CD quite uplifting. Seriously, “Break of Day” is right up there with Death Cab for Cutie’s “Transatlanticism” on the Top Ten Songs to Make My Soul Burn with Emotion.** Coincidentally, I was listening to it while going to Target at lunch. Which is when all of this came together.

Please, please, please, Pastafarian Lord . . . let 2007 be the year shit starts coming together.***

* Other Target purchases today: Uplifting cinema picks The Proposition and Brick.

** I’ll work on putting this together.

*** I had an IM discussion with Patricia about how, in the 90s, I had a problem with every OTHER year. And I can’t remember if it was the odd or even years that sucked. I’m leaning toward even, especially given last year’s high Suck Factor.

Posted by Scott-san on 01/02 at 08:30 PM
  1. I talked one of my coworkers into renting “You, Me and Everyone We Know”. Months later, he started signing his casual-interoffice-e-mails with the “back and forth forever” symbol (which i won’t attempt now,’cause i know i’ll get it wrong. The sweetest disturbing movie i’ve ever seen.

    Posted by Jules  on  01/03  at  01:58 AM
  2. What she said.  And what you said.  I loved that movie.  Now I sort of feel bad about not suggesting it to you back when I saw it last year.

    The Proposition is also bitchin, in a different way.

    You are awesome for describing a band as sherpas.

    Posted by rob  on  01/03  at  04:08 PM
  3. i love the little boy in that movie.  so cute, and so innocent.

    happy new year!  hope this one’s better than the last…

    Posted by s  on  01/03  at  05:57 PM
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