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So I was all gonna do the “stats” thing and, y’know, I don’t think this weekend can be adequately summarized statistically. We need the next level. And the next level is BULLETS:

That’s enough for now. I’m tired of bulleting and I’ve just realized that I’m regurgitating my life onto the Internets. Which I kind-of promised myself I wouldn’t do this year . . . so blatantly, anyway. That said, I have this Cowboys shirt that I’m going to photograph and wear several times in the next week . . . and then send to Patricia to fulfill our bet. Better luck next season, hooker. (Yeah, you won the bet, but you lost the war. Poor, poor Romo.)

Posted by Scott-san on 01/07 at 10:49 PM
  1. I’m no parent, but I think that getting Mia a bed at an “adult” store sends the wrong message.

    See how I mixed up the bullet points there?  That’s COMEDY my friend.  I’m so close to my own sitcom on the CW that I can TASTE it.

    Posted by cw  on  01/08  at  04:41 PM
  2. see you should always bring the kid WITH YOU so that you can go ahead and let her throw her tantrum in the actual store. That lights some fires under some peoples asses.

    Posted by starlet  on  01/08  at  06:17 PM
  3. salesdouche.  nice.

    Posted by  on  01/08  at  06:25 PM
  4. I LIKE life online. Ranting and musing is so 90’s, anyhow. What is a blog if not a peep into other lives?

    Posted by SJ  on  01/09  at  01:43 PM
  5. CW: Certainly, you deserve better than the CW.

    Starlet: We DID bring Mia to the store with us.  Capt. Douchebag saved the bad news until we’d checked out.  We’d backed up to the loading dock, so she was safely in the car and I was about 20 feet behind the car.

    Ms. jab: I’m nothing if not nice.

    SJ: How about I just text-message you my Life?

    Posted by Scott-san  on  01/09  at  09:21 PM
  6. Liar. You’re not at all sorry. Must we keep talking about this? Can’t we just pretend it was a horrible nightmare? :sigh:

    Posted by  on  01/09  at  11:14 PM
  7. just so you know, people don’t hate your mixes. some of those people love them desperately and throw bitch fits when we loan them out and don’t get them back right away.

    Posted by Jules  on  01/09  at  11:30 PM
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