Hollywood (9999 Turns)

I followed through with my Civ III / “American Idol” combo plan, but actually got bored playing Civ III and had to turn it off for a bit.* I stretched out on the couch to watch the rest of “AI” and nearly laughed myself off it at one point. And taking it to the next level, as usual, is Brian Byrne. He’s got “American Idol” screen-shots on Flickr**, along with his Grade-A commentary. I’m really starting to believe that reality television should be 100% focused on humiliation, and blogging should be 100% focused on making fun of celebrities and/or television shows.

On a semi-related note, I think it was Patricia’s Vox site that included the link to this, a MySpace page set up for Robin Sparkles (of the famed Canadian music video in “How I Met Your Mother").

* When you’re playing in a bigger “world,” those first couple millennia are lonely, lonely times. I was building cities out of boredom, afraid I was going to eventually break the space bar on my laptop.

** I’m none too thrilled that “old skool” users at Flickr have to click an extra link to sign in, where Yahoo! users get the red carpet. See, it’s the little things we hate about corporate takeover.

Posted by Scott-san on 01/18 at 05:08 PM
  1. "Let’s go to the mall today!”

    on a semi-related note: where’s my shirt?? i expected that fedexed overnight, man. seriously.

    Posted by  on  01/18  at  06:23 PM
  2. Sorry, I’ve been slack.  Or maybe I’m gettin’ some more SWEAT on it for ya.

    Posted by Scott-san  on  01/19  at  08:53 AM
  3. I’ve never watched American Idol.  But now everyone I work with talks nonstop about it every week, so I’m feeling pressure to see what all the fuss is about.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  01/21  at  11:41 AM
  4. What’s even more annoying about the Flickr situation is that the mobile version of the site no longer allows old skool logins at all, which means I have to get a yahoo account to look at baby pictures on my blackberry.  Oh the humanity.

    Posted by rob  on  01/22  at  10:46 AM
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