Something New. And Old. And Pimp-y.

When my band broke up a few months back, I was pretty pissed . . . and hurt. Feeling lost and vindictive. Lots of passive-aggressive, behind-the-back name-calling. The works. Anyway, I had a conversation with some friends at a party that I was done with music and was going to focus on writing. Y’know, the “novel” and poetry. Maybe starting another poetry journal. Whatever.

So, of course, I’m in another band now. It’s a lot less stressful than the previous band because there’s no rent, it’s a lot closer to my house, and I’m playing bass (two less strings!). Oh, and the atmosphere is more fun and less . . . tense. I’ll keep you posted on further developments, The Internets.

In other news, SJ over at I, Asshole is trying to get a free ticket to BlogHer (not linking here) through a popularity contest they’re having. Now, I’m no BlogHer (or popularity contest) supporter, but SJ is awesome and she can only lift up the mommy-centric discourse there. Anyway, click on this link and follow the instructions. It’s pretty painless, and it’s for a good cause.

Happy Hallmark-Love Day, everyone! Me and the Missus are going to a fancy restaurant that we’ve never visited. If you know me at all, you have some idea how THAT is gonna go.

Posted by Scott-san on 02/14 at 04:19 PM
  1. WOOT! Thanks!

    Posted by SJ  on  02/15  at  03:43 AM
  2. Hope the fancy restaurant was all that you dreamed of and more!

    I try to avoid fancy restaurants on V-day.  Too many couples.  I prefer cooking my own poison at home.

    Sorry to hear your band broke up.  Now you can join the ranks of Van Halen, Wham, the Beatles, and other quality groups that went through the same.  You could start a support group.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  02/18  at  08:45 PM
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