Testing the Limits of SPF Technology

We’re back from our beach trip. If you know me at all, either in real life or this virtual one, you know I hate being at the beach. Well, we were at the beach for something like four days and four nights. And, lemme tell you, I never want to go to the beach again . . . unless it’s exactly like that. We stayed in an amazing house with a passel of blogger-ly types, ate great food, drank the perfect amounts of alcohol (except for that one night with the grape vodka and ziti), and kept my beach exposure to a minimum. I’m not joking; the house was right ON the beach (separated by a POOL, motherfuckers), so out of the 40-some-odd hours we were there, I touched sand for about one of them. One hour.

There was lots of SUN exposure though. Between the constant pool time Mia was demanding and the fact that the sun was full-ON every day, I was really pushing that SPF 50 Coppertone Baby stuff as far as I could. And I’m happy to report, that I didn’t burn anywhere.

The flipside to all of this is that, due to the omnipresent Guitar Hero playing, I never want to hear “Sweet Child o’ Mine” or “Girlfriend” or even “Message in a Bottle” ever again.

In a related note, my wife is, as I type this, pricing PS2/Guitar Hero combos on Ebay.

Also, in true Lunchbreak fashion, we didn’t take any pictures. At all. Didn’t even bring our camera. But other people did. Well, not OUR camera . . . you get the picture.

Posted by Scott-san on 05/09 at 07:41 AM
  1. Party on Wayne.  Avoid the beach, avoid the pool, liquor in moderaton...you’re two trips away from shuffle board baby!

    Posted by Melman  on  05/09  at  08:48 PM
  2. All the accounts I’m reading make it sound like hella fun, which doesn’t surprise me. I didn’t even get drunk byproxy to celebrate with all y’all. Super lame.

    And I know what it’s like to hate Guitar Hero’s Sweet Child O’Mine. [shudder]

    Posted by leo  on  05/10  at  09:32 AM
  3. Yeah, but Bark at the Moon is super fun to play, as long as you avoid the handcramps.

    Posted by Chris  on  05/10  at  11:58 AM
  4. Ha..sounds like fun!  I want the beach.

    And Sweet Child of Mine has a charming appeal.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  05/11  at  06:03 AM
  5. This is perhaps the saddest, most depressing recap I’ve ever seen. Jesus.

    Posted by Erin  on  05/11  at  11:33 AM
  6. how did you do an entire recap with no mention of your mad drawing skilz?!?

    Posted by julia  on  05/15  at  03:33 PM
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