Snapshot, with Very Little Context

Last Thursday evening, I was finishing up on the recumbent exercise bike (timer hitting 25:05), listening to Sonic Youth’s “I Love You Golden Blue” on my iPod Shuffle, and I used a collection of poems (Jen Benka’s a box of longing with fifty drawers*) to mark my place in the March 2007 Vanity Fair (the Michael Wolff article on Judith Regan). (Marking my place in the Benka collection was bookmark promoting

This is what my blogging life has been reduced to: a fucking Twitter post. And I HAVE a Twitter page . . . in addition to this blog (plus one or two others), a MySpace page, and a Vox site. I’m really not holding up my end of the whole navel-gazing bargain, am I?

* A little critique (this would be the context). I don’t know where I saw a link to this collection, but I think it was on a blog I’d read. Reviews seemed promising. Well . . . I deal with words and language and linguistics for a living, but I don’t usually enjoy exercises in wordplay as poetry. I don’t want to have to read this whole collection in one 20-minute sitting to GET it. I want a collection of poems that, taken individually, MEAN something. And taken TOGETHER, might mean something ELSE. Or something more significant. I dunno . . . this just seems like a cute (but SERIOUS) gimmick-as-political-statement. All around, very light. THIS is the kind of writing that inspires ME to write more. And I am. Just not HERE, apparently. (As an aside, I like how more thought went into this footnote than the actual POST. ROCK ON, context!)

Posted by Scott-san on 05/22 at 11:43 AM
  1. dude. i know you have more interesting shit to write about. what is this?

    Posted by  on  05/22  at  01:27 PM
  2. I agree. I’m not even sure that shit makes sense.

    Posted by  on  05/23  at  10:24 AM
  3. LMAO, I was thinking the same thing, ‘damn, the critique is more focused than the post!’

    Now might be a good time to just post some gratuitous graphics.

    Posted by Melman  on  05/23  at  08:18 PM
  4. See, I thought this post was awesome. When you say “THIS” is the kind of writing that inspires you to write more, do you mean the Benka collection? Do you have a book of poetry that means different things when taken individually or as a whole? If you do, I totally need to read it.

    Posted by Erin  on  05/24  at  05:58 PM
  5. "Why are you complaining about high gas prices? Capitalism is GREAT! Yay, Free Market Economy! Yay to GETTING STEPPED ON!”

    dude, you’re a mean fucker.
    i can complain if i want to.
    and you can’t stop me.

    Posted by  on  05/24  at  06:15 PM
  6. i think you need to stop apologizing every time you post. so the good stuff’s not oozing out of you every time you turn on your computer (honestly i didnt realize how dirty that sounded until i typed it, but im keeping it). the first step is sitting down and trying to write something.  anything!  one day itll hit ya.  in the meantime dont worry about it, keep trying, and know that you have a faithful audience who will be there to clap the day you get it right. you’re awesome; itll happen. end of motivational speech.

    Posted by s  on  05/26  at  02:15 PM
  7. I still contend that the “good stuff” happens every time you write anything. Unless you’re writing about the beach, but I’m willing to concede that might be a personal preference.

    Contrary to popular opinion, we DO care what you had for lunch.

    Posted by Erin  on  05/26  at  03:20 PM
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