“I’m Gonna Need You to Back Off.”

I’m generally not a supporter of big businesses like Comcast, the cable/media giant who has a near-monopoly on our city’s televised entertainment. I don’t know a lot about Comcast, other than the fact that, when built-in DVR technology became available in our area, I disassembled our entire entertainment center and drove right the fuck down to the not-at-all-close-or-convenient Comcast office to trade in my box for one with the DVR included. The dual-tuner DVR. The only other thing I really know is this guy from my old neighborhood grew up to be a Comcast technician; he was arrested a couple years ago for exposing himself to an adolescent girl. While working.

Somewhat surprisingly, given my apparent lust for distraction, I don’t spend a lot of time on You Tube. But where You Tube and Comcast come together, we have the Slowskys*—stars of the best commercials on T.V.

* I’ve linked the “outtakes,” which is made up of footage from the commercials with additional voice-overs from the, um . . . turtles. The individual 30-second spots should be there on the right-hand side. Lazy ass.

Posted by Scott-san on 06/14 at 01:54 PM
  1. Holy SHIT, the Slowskys?? Comedy GOLD.

    Posted by Erin  on  06/14  at  04:59 PM
  2. i loves me some slowskys

    Posted by  on  06/18  at  01:02 PM
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