Unless I’m Killed by Pickled Particulates

So, some friends of ours are getting married and, during the pre-wedding planning party (yes, the bride is very organized), we found out that the reception location (her parents’ yard) was gonna need some cleaning/attention. Volunteering for cleanup duties was strongly encouraged. The first* cleanup event was Saturday. It was real work, but fun. And hot.

The highlight had to be the part where we found three full-size coolers buried beneath junk in the outdoor storage area. Coolers jam-packed with liquor and wine. As the bride’s father tells it, their older daughter was drinking all their booze so he put it all in coolers and hid them outside. Twenty years ago. And then forgot about them. That’s how I came to be in possession of some aged-in-glass-bottles quantities of Jack Daniels (1.75 liters!) and Crown Royal. I’ll be hoping this isn’t my last post ever over a tasty Crown and Ginger.

* There will inevitably be others . . . based on what’s left to be done.

Posted by Scott-san on 07/17 at 07:30 AM
  1. Found liquor!!!  You’re like some kind of modern day pirate.  Only gayer. 

    How do you FORGET about three full sized coolers of alcohol?  There has to be a law against that.  Neglect or something.

    Posted by cw  on  07/17  at  11:03 AM
  2. i agree. that is the definition of Alcohol Abuse.

    Posted by  on  07/17  at  02:03 PM
  3. That’s awesome!!  That’s like finding money in the pocket of your Z. Cavaricci jeans that you forgot about.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  07/20  at  06:00 AM
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