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Okay, Mr. Crunchy emailed me a couple weeks back to tell me he’d tagged me for the latest Eight Things meme. He couldn’t leave a comment because it had been more than 10 days since my previous post, and my comments had closed. There are some rules to put here, but I’ll just say blah-blah-blah . . . on with the show:

1. When playing games, or participating in some light “sports,” I like to play be the rules. Sometimes to a fault. SOMETIMES to the extent that it’s no longer fun to play games with me (I’d imagine). Funny example: On the last night of our Beach Meetup, a group of us were playing a couple trivia-related games. Michelle wouldn’t play because she knows me too well. We were drinking, of course. CW was there, but not playing. He knew all the answers to the questions being asked (because he’s smart like that, at least as far as the 1990s are concerned) and was, apparently, “helping” people who didn’t know the answers. On both teams. Which all resulted in me turning into a Rules Nazi. We finished the game, but it was a very muted, quietly raging affair. I’m convinced all people involved actively dislike me now.

2. For sports, I pretty much stopped playing anything (organized) once I hit high school. Prior to that, I played three years of baseball (I sucked and my dad was the coach) and two years of football (not counting that first year I quit). I was patently below average at both. The only sport that I probably COULD have been okay at was soccer. On the day they were having tryouts one year, it conflicted with some stupid popularity-based club meeting and I didn’t go. And that was that. (I just remembereId that I also joined the tennis team for a week in tenth grade . . . until my parents told me I had to quit because that was the [ONLY] year I was making Ds and Fs on my report card.)

3. I’m a thumper, not a shaker.

4. We (er, I . . . this supposed to be about me, right? Whatever, I’m multitasking.) Anyway, I went to Atlanta this weekend (with my family) and it was a really good trip, even if we didn’t see CW (probably BECAUSE though). In the interest of product/cultural evaluation, here are some semi-related one-line reviews: Ru-San’s (nighttime home of shouts of “SAKI BOMB!”) was great and never have I had so much fun eating sushi in a punk-rock establishment . . . or being surrounded by punk rockers in a sushi establishment; it’s funny (but tasty) to order Asian food on the outside patio of Cheesecake Factory in the very shadow of P.F. Chang’s, although I really wanted more peanut-butter cookie dough in my slice of chocolate cheesecake; and the new Interpol album is at least as good as Antics, while the new Editors disc does not quite rise to the bar set by The Back Room.

5. On that topic: As you know, I’m all about “alternative” music, and I like and respect Nirvana, owning all of their albums (either on vinyl or CD). But the only song of theirs I have on iTunes is “Moist Vagina.”

6. This isn’t about me, per se (I’m running out of things), but I think it’s obvious that, considering the country seems split between fighting (the REAL) Al Qaeda and “cutting and running,” wouldn’t it be GAME, SET, MATCH for the Democrats to put forth a plan wherein we’d rotate soldiers to Afghanistan (remember that place?) and work toward getting soldiers home for longer stays? Bush is really pounding the “victory over Al Qaeda” drum quite a bit and, y’know, maybe we should actually engage THEM. Where they are. So, rather than looking like defeatists, maybe the Democrats can frame their proposed “redeployment” as actually engaging the enemy, RATHER THAN having Al Qaeda hanging out with their Taliban friends and kidnapping and murdering innocent South Koreans?

7. Remember when I’d do quizzes and give away mix CDs to the person/people who did the “best?” That’s a lot more fun than this, and I’ve been thinking of doing another one. It’s just time-intensive and, lately, my job (and the ominous pressure to get things done and/or prove I’m not just slacking off [i.e., blogging]) hasn’t provided me much time for that. And when I get home, all I want to do (after getting Mia to bed and IF I don’t have band practice) is drink beer, maybe eat a popcicle, and watch Olbermann.

8. Is this the last one? I think it is. Hey, we’re going to DISNEY in two weeks. It’s a trip we’ve been planning for months now. The in-laws are going, too (driving and staying separately, though). We’re gonna be there three nights. I’m excited, but kinda afraid. Pray for me . . . er, us.

Here’s the part where I’m supposed to link eight other people. I’ve seen this meme on a couple other blogs I read, so I’m feeling that maybe there’s no-one left for me to link. Seriously, this Eight Things meme is akin to fucking Paris Hilton’s mouth or hitting the almost-even money on Ho-Han’s chance of ending up back in “rehab” . . . everyone’s done it. So, I’ll just tell my wife to do it on Vox when she takes a break from Guitar Hero: The 80s. She’s been playing three days and I think she’s about to start the “expert” level.

Posted by Scott-san on 07/27 at 07:33 PM
  1. Despite the fact that I have a greate anniversary edition of Monopoly, it has gone untouched for about six years. Because, uhm, no one will play with me. Because, apparently, everyone else in the world thinks that it’s okay to steal from the bank. I’m sorry but isn’t the point of the game for people to lose their money and leave the game?? Otherwise, there’s no winner. What the hell is the point if there are no winners and losers?

    I felt a little cheated by GH 80’s edition. Sam and I unlocked all the songs on medium in an afternoon. I guessed I missed the part where they tell you there are fewer songs in this version. blah.

    Posted by  on  07/28  at  09:39 PM
  2. You have an exciting life.  I, comparatively, do not.  Sad?  But true.

    And yes, everyone on the internets has done the 8 Things Meme, I think.  Even I did it!  And if it filters down to me, EVERYONE’S DONE IT, dude.

    Sushi at punk rock bars.  See?  I NEVER do stuff like that.

    Posted by elise  on  08/02  at  04:37 PM
  3. We still love you even if you are game crazy.  And once again I couldn’t have hung with you guys even if you HAD called. It never feels like we’re that busy, but we always have friends/family in town whenever your family comes up. 

    I knew we were creating a Guitar Hero Monster in your wife after the last meetup.  Her eyes were pretty glazed over.

    Posted by cw  on  08/03  at  09:52 AM
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