Note to Self

Dear My Blog,

Well, it’s been more than a month now. I can’t say I’ve really missed you. Actually, it’s gotten to the point where it pains me to stop by here, even to surf my own blogroll. However, I should let you know: I haven’t been cheating on you with Vox. Okay? I promise.

So a lot has been going on. Yes, I realize the “I’m busy” excuse is as old as the list of Republican anti-gay anal-fornicators is long. But I really have been. What? You don’t think a Disney “vacation,” a daughter’s fifth birthday, and the same daughter starting kindergarten—all within two weeks—is enough?

Maybe it also has something to do with that ongoing beaten-down feeling. For years, I’ve had this dull psychic/karmic ache thing happening. A semi-permanent weight. It keeps me from doing important and/or creative things. Lately, I’ve been thinking I have mild depression. No, no . . . nothing too soul-crushing. And nothing I want to medicate myself for. Anyway, I was researching on the Internets and decided maybe an energy boost was in order, so I’ve started a regimen of ginkgo and ginseng. Perhaps upping the caffeine, too.

I also realize you’ll be going away soon. Not my choice, per se, but my gracious host is only holding this domain for me and it’s set to expire in a couple months. Because I’m so committed, I’m visiting you less frequently and doing things like taken month-long breaks, and I probably shouldn’t try and hold onto it. So, I’ll probably be going back to someplace free. I doubt I’ll quit you all together. Really, I can’t. Quit you.

Okay, before I make another reference to those fun-loving gaybos, I guess I’ll go finish that PowerPoint presentation, which I’m giving today at lunch. The one that has “I’m totally motherfucking WINGING this” written all over it.

Your Gnome,

Posted by Scott-san on 08/31 at 07:19 AM
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