I keep telling myself that I’m not going to force my views upon Mia as she grows up . . . that I’m going to let her find her own Truths and chose her own path. However, these exchanges I’ve had with her while driving around town suggest otherwise.

Mia: (pointing to a man panhandling at a red light) “What’s he doing?”

Me: “He’s asking people for money.”

Mia: “Why?”

Me: “Because he doesn’t have any.”

Mia: “Why?”

Me: “Probably because of the Republicans.”


Mia: “Hey, why’d you change that?”

Me: “Because daddy doesn’t listen to country music.”

Mia: “I like country music.”

Me: “You’d BETTER not.”

Posted by Scott-san on 10/16 at 06:42 AM
  1. Nice job, Dad. Apparently I need to make a mix tape for Mia ASAP.

    Posted by Erin  on  10/16  at  12:08 PM
  2. Next step: shock collar.

    Posted by cw  on  10/16  at  05:50 PM
  3. Wait, she’s not wearing a shock collar yet?

    Posted by Erin  on  10/16  at  06:23 PM
  4. I’m working on it. And also a cattle prod to ward off her affinity for “Margaritaville.”

    Posted by Scott-san  on  10/16  at  08:04 PM
  5. Or, as Bill Paxton so eloquently voiced in Broken Lizard’s Club Dread, Pina Colada-burg.

    Posted by Erin  on  10/16  at  08:12 PM
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