Aaaaaaaand NOW that Joke is Old

Do you ever step into an elevator and, for a split second, fear that you’re going to drop something through the space between the elevator and the landing? I think about that each and every time . . . usually fearing for my keys, which are usually safe in my pocket. Anyway, Thanksgiving weekend kicked off with me stepping off the elevator at my sister-in-law’s and dropping a stack of seven CDs (falling from a secured bag, no less) right on and in line with the opening between the elevator and the landing. So now I have six CDs. Sorry, Fiona Apple.*

The rest of our Thanksgiving trip was less eventful and much more-better. I finally got a guided tour of East Atlanta / Duluth Decatur (“is greater”). It’s always nice and relaxing to get away from Tallahassee.

In other news, I’m gonna sidestep into Political Land and relate my latest nugget of Pre-Election Year water-cooler wisdom: If polls hold any ounce truth, we’re going to be choosing between a woman who can’t win and a guy no-one wants to win.

Democrats: Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory ’08!

You’d think I’d have a blog for this kind of crap, right? Where did I put that thing?

* no, I’m not gay . . . for the thousandth time

Posted by Scott-san on 11/27 at 01:39 PM
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