Slow Down, You’re Gonna Crash

When I’m (really) concentrating on something at work, I can tune out lots of things. Even the ringing of the front-desk phone being pumped through the overhead speakers (“BONG!”), one of which I can see right outside my door. Conversely, when I want to be distracted, I can hear . . . well, a lot*.

I don’t know why I mention this, other than to report that I heard two car accidents this morning. In six-plus years at my office, I don’t think I’ve heard more than one or two total. And today, it’s two crashes before lunch.

The first one was a short squeal of tires followed by a sickening crunch of metal. One of the guys working on the building’s A/C reported that a “really old woman” had attempted a turn and pulled right in front of a semi. But she was fine (reportedly). The second crash was a few hours later; I didn’t hear any tires squealing, and the crash itself sounded more brutal and/or closer to my building. As with the first crash, the second was followed a minute later by the wailing of multiple sirens.

Both times, I resisted the temptation to go outside and investigate.

* The Regional Queen of TMI works in an office 12 feet from mine. And she talks very loudly. About all matter of sinning. Which is probably appropriate, with me being a High Baron of TMI.

Posted by Scott-san on 03/22 at 04:58 PM
  1. this talk of sinning you overhear: is it judgmental crap of the ‘those people won’t learn till it’s too late’ variety, or the confessional ‘oh god I’m still wearing the Friday panties, let me tell you what happened’ variety?  that can have a huge bearing on how much of what I choose not to be able to ignore....

    Posted by dan  on  03/22  at  05:54 PM
  2. impressive. i would have dashed out to see the crash (on both occasions).

    Posted by marshmallow  on  03/22  at  08:02 PM
  3. i’m the last to jump on this train, but i love the new digs!

    Posted by Amy Chop  on  03/22  at  09:34 PM
  4. Yeah, I remember the first time I heard an actual auto collision.  They’re surprisingly loud and violent sounding.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  03/22  at  11:56 PM
  5. The stretch of road that’s directly behind me is notoriously bad for accidents. I hear about one a month. Thankfully none have been very very bad. There was the one time a semi hit a small sedan and pushed it all the way on the median several yards away but, miracle of miracles, nobody was hurt. It’s enough to make a girl not want to drive home some days. Okay, not really. But still, bad.

    Also, Regional Queen of TMI? Uhm. I don’t remember approving this post. As the International Queen of TMI these things are supposed to be run by me first. Heads will roll for this, yes they will.

    Posted by  on  03/23  at  09:35 AM
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