I had the opportunity to watch a lot of soccer over the weekend. Some U.S. mens “friendlies” and an MLS match. And, more than once, I think I fell asleep watching. I know, True American response. Still, it’s hard to admit. I want to be the ardant soccer supporter, but there I was, in my father-in-law’s recliner, totally “one-eyeing” it . . . and then NO-eyeing it. Michelle’s voice cut through the darkness, “Honey, you are totally sleeping.”

“No, I’m . . . I wasn’t. I was just resting my eyes.” *

Only a minute later did I realize that the score was different than I remembered. And if I could “rest my eyes” during all the hoopla the commentators make when someone scores a goal in soccer, I MUST have been asleep.

* My grandfather’s favorite cover for cat-napping.

Posted by Scott-san on 05/30 at 03:52 PM
  1. Yeah, I’ve used that “resting my eyes” excuse before.  I think that a lot of judges do that during boring trials.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  05/30  at  04:42 PM
  2. I’ve fallen asleep to many a football game.  Something about it puts me right out.  And I like watching football.

    My dad always says he’s inspecting the inside of his eyelids.

    Posted by rob  on  05/31  at  10:16 AM
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