Stats That Shape a Weekend: A-Big-Baby-Stole-My-Money Edition

Money Lost at Poker: $25
Hours it Took to Lose the Money: just over 1
Pictures Posted on Flickr: 11

This past weekend was one of the most thinly scheduled of the past couple years. No shows, no band practices, no parties, no traveling, no dinners. Very domestic, bordering on “relaxing.” (Our three-year-old often acts as the border.) The only semiformal event was the poker game I participated in on Saturday. (Here, “participated” does not mean the same as “competed” . . . more like “gave a lot of money away.”)* To amp up my gambling losses, I watched my bracket hopes fade away as “Big Baby” and his LSU teammates whooped some Texas ass (“Texass?”).**

I guess the good news is we got a scanner . . . one that works with our operating system. (We bet $90 on this one, and came out a winner . . . but still lost the $90. How does that work?) Anyway, both the missus and I scanned pictures into Flickr (link to mine).

Hey, AP, it’s the footnotes:

* First of all, the table was assembled from the upper echelon of Mr. Glory Hole’s poker buddies. Somehow, I feel like the prey at these games. I was playing somewhat poorly and getting crappy cards. During my spiral downward, I picked up an off-suit Ace-King, with an Ace on the board. I ended up going all in, heads up. Before the River, we turned over our cards; my opponent had pocket Jacks. “Yeah, this is it for me,” I said. Someone replied, “Not unless he gets a Jack on the River.” The River card? A Jack.

** As the LSU-Texas game was getting cranked up, I got cocky and predicted that Texas would win by 13. “Dude, LSU beat Duke. They’ll be overconfident and fade down the stretch.” LSU beat Texas by 10 in overtime. The upside is that if UCLA beats LSU, I’ll clinch third place in one of the pools I’m in and take home $19. I think.

Posted by Scott-san on 03/27 at 04:57 PM
  1. i want a scanner a new laptop though so i guess i shouldn’t complain.

    Posted by marshmallow  on  03/28  at  08:13 AM
  2. what is all the asterisky goodness for?

    Posted by  on  03/28  at  11:59 AM
  3. The footnotes are where it’s AT.  As are the scanners.  Bring on the embarassing childhood photos!!

    Posted by ap  on  03/28  at  10:34 PM
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