Wednesdays with Mommy

I’ve settled into a semi-comfortable routine with my mother. As I’m in the business of sorting her pills and checking on her, I stop by twice a week—once on weekends to help her with groceries (and pills) and once during the week to help her with pills (and pick up lunch for her). Most of the time, the weekday visit happens on Wednesday (as she has a standing hair appointment near her house and I drop her off on my way back to work).

Besides these times I’m physically near my mother, she often calls (or IMs) me at work to “check in.” And it’s during these visits and phone calls that I find out more increasingly disturbing information. Since her second (third?) trip to Behavioral Health, she’s been getting way too honest, like when she suddenly dropped a bomb on me in the form of a family secret . . . one that had never even been hinted at.* And here I’d thought I knew everything. Now, in the past week, she’s hit me with a couple others:

-- “Now I want you to know that I’ve been using you and Mia as an excuse from time to time. Tonight, [Mr. K] wants to come over and I don’t want him to, so I’m going to tell him that you might be stopping by with Mia after work. I just want to be friends with him, but he’s been really touchy/feely lately, and I don’t like that.”**

-- “If you ever come across any naked pictures of your father and I, please destroy them.” I was stunned. “You’re not really telling me that you guys took pictures of yourselves having sex.” “Yes, with a Polaroid. You can’t see my face in most of them, but that’s me.”

Um . . . footnotes (if you dare):

* I’d mentioned this a few months back. In the summer of 1977, she took me away from my father and we went back to stay with her parents in Connecticut. I’d always thought that it was related to another in a string of his infidelities. But it was something else entirely.

** [Mr K.] and my mom have been friends for 30 years. He’d been married early on and has a son my age. After getting divorced, he had a girlfriend for 20 years. They broke up right around the time mom had her stroke. Mom and [Mr. K] had always had this strange flirtation, but more recently, I’ve felt like something else was going on . . . in much the same way that I’ve felt nauseous. Like thinking-of-photos-of-your-parents-fucking nauseous.

Posted by Scott-san on 03/29 at 04:40 PM
  1. OMG. That first footnote makes me want to scratch your eyes out.

    Posted by estella  on  03/29  at  05:16 PM
  2. Yeah, I don’t even know details and I need a shower. When my parents get like this, I have a really nice pillow at the ready.  SOMEone is getting smothered.

    Posted by cw  on  03/29  at  06:19 PM
  3. now that really is way too much information from your mum…

    did i say before you’re a great son? i’ll repeat, just in case. you’re a great son.

    Posted by marshmallow  on  03/30  at  08:28 AM
  4. god - i think the worst is “you can’t see my face in most of them, but it’s me”!  Like, hey, you know, that makes it SO MUCH BETTER.

    Posted by erinire  on  03/30  at  09:46 AM
  5. Egads. I think hearing something like that from my mother would probably give ME a stroke.

    Posted by teahouseblossom  on  03/30  at  09:59 AM
  6. I hope there are no naked pictures of Mr. K.

    Posted by rob  on  03/30  at  11:34 AM
  7. ........ I feel corrupted after reading this entry o_O!

    Posted by SAFFE  on  03/30  at  02:06 PM
  8. You took that second conversation much further than I would have. After her request I would have simply nodded and then done a very swift and total brain dump. Nobody needs that kind of thing floating around in their head. whew.

    Posted by  on  03/30  at  02:55 PM
  9. I love that your mom took away the ONE thing you could have used to find some solace if those pictures had been found - “hmmm, well I can’t see the face so maybe that was just someone he was fucking.” No, it was your mom, and she wants you to know it.

    Posted by ap  on  03/30  at  06:35 PM
  10. i love moments like this, don’t you? your mom and mine share a love of TMI.

    Posted by  on  03/31  at  10:53 AM
  11. Oh man.  If you ever find those pictures, you should totally publish them for her obituary!  Post mortem GET-BACK for the oversharing!

    I thought my parents were the only ones who cheated on each other and kept breaking up and getting back together.  Dreadful.

    Posted by styro  on  04/03  at  06:55 AM
  12. I seriously thought the footnotes would take me to a zombie eating my brain.

    Posted by dayment  on  04/10  at  11:03 PM
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